The Nature Reserve - Réserve Naturelle Val de Loire is situated between La Charité and Pouilly sur Loire, covering an area of 1500 hectares along a 19 kilomentre stretch of the Loire.

The Loire and the Allier are now considered to be the last two wild rivers of France, it is impossible to pass all the way along with a large boat due to currents and this leaves the banks and river surroundings open to only natural errosion although in the past they have been heavily excavated for sand and gravel.

To date over 220 different birds have been recorded here, varying from waders and terns to beeeaters and hoopees. It is possible to spend many days exploring the different banks and terrain along the route of the nature reserve from Pouilly sur Loire through Herry and La charité

The banks of the river at Pouilly sur Loire are set away from the bustle of the small wine town, you really do think you are in the middle of nowhere so if you are staying at Le Grand Coudray do ask for a picnic lunch so as not to spoil your day.

The Bec d'Allier - natural heritage site is where, what is considered to be the meeting point of the last two wild rivers of France.

Le Guétin and Aprémont along with the Bec d'Allier cover 4000 hectares and have formed a protected site since 1980.

Within our own garden which covers 17000sqm and is surrounded by fields and trees are a large selection of birds. This year alone we have shrikes, various woodpeckers, cokoos, hoopies and may more. In the evening we have a small colony of bats nearby and owls in the forest across the road.

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