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Out and about

Loire Valley Wines

About the house

picture of Peter and Jayne Abbott picture of our house

We met in our teens and then went our various ways through life and came together as a couple in the early nineties. We set up home in Wallingford with my Mum and Jaynes 3 children. We moved a few times and worked full time for various companies, me , in the hearing aid industry and Jayne as an accountant.

My friend Chris cleaning fireplace

We bought our house in France in 2006 after many years dreaming about it and settled for this area, at first for the wine and then later for the various charms that the centre region offers.

water water our new gates

Our house was a bit of a mess, it had not been lived in at all for 2 years and it had been owned by a young french family with not enough money to invest in it. Half of the house had not been lived in for 20 years or so, the roof leaked and there was no plumbing or electricity.

the van Jayne on the roof

We opened the bed and breakfast with one room in January 2007, closely followed by the next 2 rooms and then in November 2010 made the 4th room.

blue room under construction will be the rose room

Over the years people have come and gone and we have enjoyed the company of everyone. We enjoy the seasons and the gardens. Also the trends of visitors allows us to take full advantage of the quiet times by exploring parts of France that we have not yet discovered, but we still enjoy the feeling of coming home.

Our favourite comment about what we have done comes from our entry in the Guide du Routard, - 'couple d'Anglais a posé ses valises dans une longère environnée d'un grand jardin á la sortie d'un paisible village'. We may pose our suitcases somewhere else in the future but at the moment we like what we are doing and we like where we are.