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Do we need to speak french there ?

We are an English couple and we have lived here since 2006 so in the house you can speak French or English. If you venture into the nearby towns of Bourges, Sancerre, Nevers and La Charite you will find that people in the restaurants, shop and museums often speak English quite well, or, have menus and descriptions in English. In smaller villages and hamlets you may be able to practice your French ! Our advice would be to bring a small pocket 'guide to french' book with helpful phrases and menu guides within.

How far is the nearest restaurant ?

The very nearest is about 5 kilometres, at Jussy le Chaudrier. There are several within 10 kilometres, and several more a few kilometres further.

Do you have WIFI ?

Yes, but do be aware this is a large old house with very thick walls and in places the signal is not too strong, we are prone to storms at the beginning and end of the summer and cannot guarantee that it will work all the time.

Are you in a rural location ?

We are on the edge of a hamlet, Les Chaumes, the house was originally a farm house. There is a barn to the side which is not ours and at the bottom of the garden are some further houses. Our gardens are 17000 sqm (4 acres) so even with neighbours it is quiet and calm here.

What sort of car/bike parking do you offer ?

We are not, at this moment able to offer covered parking, however, our house is set back from the road and we have a parking area near to the house and the gates are locked at night. If you have bikes we have an area at the side of the house that can be used as well.

Do all the bathrooms have baths ?

No, there is a full size bath in the Green room, with a shower over, if you want this room please indicate at the time of booking.

Can we pay in sterling ?

Yes, if you like, we can take paypal, english cheques and notes. Please ask for details when booking.

Do you want a deposit ?

There are times of the year when we take a deposit, this is usually non-refundable and you should ensure you have adequate holiday insurance in case you need to cancel.

Do you do wine tours ?

Yes please, we love wine ! Seriously though, we would be happy to show you round some of the local wineyards, if you let us know the type of wine you prefer we can do a tour to suit you. On quiet occasions it is possible to accompany you, do let us know well in advance if you would prefer this.

What else is there to do apart from 'wine' and 'sightseeing' ?

I know what you mean, but there is a ten-pin bowling alley in Nevers, there are also 2 decent go-karting tracks nearby (Magny Cours and Cosne-sur-Loire), there's a nine hole golf course down the road and there are swimming pools in Nevers, Bourges and Fourchambault. You can also canoe the Loire at La Charite or go horse riding at Cour les Barres. If you organise it in advance you can also dive in the caves at Beffes.

What about the environment ? ?

We recycle everything that we can, we have our own compost heap which, at appropriate times is dug into our garden. We do not use chemicals at all on our vegetable patch. We use 'green' washing powders and cleaners, with very occasional use of chemical products when we really need to.

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